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West Michigan Business Cards Business Card Printing & Design in West Michigan

Carnell Design offers professional high-quality business cards in West Michigan. The cornerstone of these premium business cards are highly customizable. with a large choice of color options, coatings and finish services.

Carnell Design offers superior quality business cards for professionals who want to stand out from the crowd. Our premium paper creates a super smooth double sided area for a clean and crisp look for your business card printing.

Folded Business Cards in West Michigan

Folded Business Cards

Business cards are an important promotional tool, but they are limited in advertising space. Folded business cards are a great option for businesses who need extra space to promote their products or services. Promote your company on the front and back of the card. The business card then folds opens up to provide a large area for expanded information, pricing, menus, maps, graphics and more.

Personal and Family Contact Cards

Personal & Family Business Cards

With today's times more then just businesses need a card with their contact information. Give your home phone numbers, home address, cell phones, email address, websites, maps, FaceBook, MySpace and other contact information all in one convenient card that will fit in any wallet or purse. No more searching for a pen and paper or trying to type everything into your cell phone. You can even iclude a picture of your family. Stay in touch and easily trade contact information with friends and family.


10pt. card stock and as classy as they come, our full color linen products are the solution for conservative uses and that traditional look.

Semi glossy, 10pt. card stock, grip like texture with a micro crosshatch embedded into the paper.

PP products come as 9pt. plastic paper with a futuristic texture and feel. Our synthetic paper line is water and tear resistant.

This impressive print line is printed on 10pt. card stock. Shining Paper has a silver metallic look and a grainy texture making it a unique solution for metallic effect printing.

Ivory business card 10 pt stock is a bright white uncoated paper for the clean classic style.

Sand Embossed paper has a textured surface that gives your business card a unique look and feel.

Our full color poly frost business cards are printed on distinctive and elegant 10pt translucent plastic card stock. These cards are classy, unique, and are sure to make an amazing first impression. The strong and resilient frosted plastic card stock is fully scratch, tear, and water resistant for long-lasting durability.


UV Coating
High gloss UV gives a shiny coating to your print job and makes it more durable. UV is not recommended for writing needs and ink jetting. For these features we recommend UV Front side or Matte Lamination.

Silk Lamination
A thick, silky feel that absorbs light. Matte coating is the visual opposite of UV Coating. This printing line is resistant to water and tearing and is writable with most pens.

Silk Lamination + Spot UV
Same as Matte Lamination but with selective UV. The contrast of matte and gloss creates a dimensional finish, in essence full color raised edge printing.

14pt Premium Business Cards
200 Business Cards - $49.95
500 Business Cards - $64.95
1000 Business Cards - $79.95
2500 Business Cards - $149.95
5000 Business Cards - $199.95
10,000 Business Cards - $249.95

  • 14 Point Thick
  • Full Color, Double Sided & Inside
  • Glossy UV or Matte Finish
  • FREE Shipping

Contact us for larger quantities, specialty papers and card stock add-on pricing.
14pt FOLDED Business Cards
200 Folded Cards - $99.95
500 Folded Cards - $129.95
1000 Folded Cards - $159.95
2500 Folded Cards - $259.95
5000 Folded Cards - $399.95
10,000 Folded Cards - $799.95

  • 14 Point Thick
  • Full Color, Double Sided & Inside
  • Glossy UV or Matte Finish
  • FREE Shipping

Contact us for larger quantities, specialty papers and card stock add-on pricing.
Card Stock Add Ons
  • Round Corners
  • Foil Stamping
  • Scoring
  • Embossing
  • Perforation
  • Numbering
  • Spot UV
Available Paper Choices
UV Coated Card Stocks
  • 10pt UV Both Sides
  • 14pt UV Both Sides
  • 14pt UV Front Only
  • 14pt Spot UV
  • 15pt UV Both Sides
    Silk Laminated Card Stocks
  • 10pt Silk Lamination
  • 10pt Silk Lamination+Spot UV
  • 15pt Silk Lamination
  • 15pt Silk Lamination+Spot UV
    Specialty Papers
  • 10pt Sand Embossed
  • 10pt Embossed Linnen
  • 10pt Ivory
  • 9pt PP Synthetic
  • 10pt Cross-hatch Embossed
  • 10pt Silvery Metallic
  • Poly Frost
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