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Your web site should be your most effective tool in marketing all aspects of your business. All advertising and marketing should lead the consumer to your ultimate sales tool that is unlimited in its space and possibilities to inform and or entertain the viewer 24 hours a day. There are numerous important factors in creating a successful and effective web site. One of the most important factors is that your web site is found in the search engine by a targeted visitor. This means someone who was searching for a specific products or service found your website. Remember once you are found the website should look professional, be easy to navigate and properly inform the viewer. We are your best choice for a West Michigan SEO company!

Search engines are the key to driving effective traffic to your website. If people can't find your website than the customer is going to your competition. Understanding your online competition and what makes them successful is very important. First and foremost all search engines are companies who provide a service. All search engines work differently and use different criteria to find and list your web site. The 3 most popular search engines are Google®, Yahoo!® & Bing®. Over half of all internet users choose Google as the search engine of choice. There are many different factors involved in creating a website that is search engine friendly. A successful website will include, clean design and code, effective information and text, proper meta tags and keywords, easy and clear navigation, and knowledgeable online promotional campaign. You can also pay any search engine to be listed at the top based on chosen keywords. You put a certain amount of money in an account and money is withdrawn every time someone clicks on your link.

One of the most important factors in getting indexed correctly in search engines is INFORMATION! The more information you have about the products and services you offer, the more likely you will be found in search engines and properly inform the viewer. Remember search engines can't find images and photos and search your pages for the information based on different criteria. If the words someone typed in the search engine are not on your page then most likely you will not be found. Understanding your keywords and utilizing them effectively throughout your information will make your website relevant to the search engines. Search engines also love frequently changing and new information.

Keywords & Meta Tags
Does your website utilize meta tags? Using proper page titles, keywords, descriptions, titles and meta tags can greatly increase your search engine visibility. These are words and descriptions used in the code of your website to help inform the search engines what your website is about. Meta tags and keyword should be unique and are customized to the content on each page. By comparing the content on the page to the other page criteria search engines can list you properly.

Yes, size does matter. Each page of your website is a search engine opportunity. Utilizing each page effectively and identifying your keywords for that page will greatly increase traffic to your website. The more information and the more pages you have, the more likely someone will find you. If you have 100 pages, you have a 100 search engine opportunities.

The type of page can also affect search engine listings (HTML, PHP, XML, Flash, etc.). Many "Cookie Cuter" websites or content management systems. The way your web site is designed and the cleaner code, the easier search engines can read your website.

Many search engines including Google utilize a link system. Each inbound link to your website is considered a vote. The more votes your website has the more relevant it will be to search engines and provide another road to your website. The more popular the website that is linking to you and the relevancy of the information on that website is important in the link system. Also networking with other web sites that help inform or benefit viewers is a plus. Exchanging links to be posted on both your web sites can help improve search engine optimization greatly and help other people find your web site. There are many ways to gain links to your website; friends, Facebook, social networking, map sites, forums, business directories, online phonebooks, paid advertising and much more. The best link is an inbound only link.

Advertising is very expensive and an effective web site can greatly enhance your return on the investment. By including your web site address on all your advertising leads the viewer to learn more about the products, services, specials and events you are offering. You should include you web site address on your business cards, letterheads, emails, company vehicles, advertisements, billboards, commercials and everywhere you can put it.

Remember creating an effective web site takes time and effort. Your website is your business online and it evolves and grows as your business does. It can take up to 6 months to get listed in some search engines. If you are not coming up under the words you think are important then we can continue to work and customize your web site to meet your needs. Search engine optimization and the development of a successful web site is a ongoing process. All very successfully web sites started small and took years to develop.

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